1080i or 1080p (who cares!)

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bigscreen.jpgI just installed a HDTV for my dad and after getting it all hooked up he looks at the crappy SD resolution (480i) and says “Why do I need HD? This is good enough.”

I have a tech friend of my talking about how he just has to have the 1080p instead of what I have currently 1080i. What is the difference you say? Not much other than one is interlaced and the other isn’t. I have been looking at Interlaced PC Monitors for years and can’t tell the difference so who cares!

On the other hand I just saw that some manufacturer is already going for a 2160p screen called Quad HD. Who needs it? So far just specific industries. When will it end?

Oh wait I just have to order that 4320p HHHHDTV. I can upload my 16 megapixel camera images on my 1TB Sandisk MiniSD Card. Gimme a break!

TV remotes and ADD

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zenith_spacecommand.jpgIt seems to me that we have breed this generation of children to have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). The attention span of an Internet user is measured in seconds, it is amazing that they can watch a youtube.com video that is more than a couple of minutes long. I blame the TV remote control.

With the addition of 150+ cable and satellite channels, teenagers of today can waste and entire hour just flipping through the channels a single time. This in combination with fast that and instant this and a few extremes and you are all set to have your mind change channels a thousand times a minute. OK gotta go, I need to set my TIVO.

Hey this is Private!

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Keep out of Here!

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