I’m a Grampa..

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Well, I have become a grandfather. My son Joshua has had a beautiful daughter. Check out the video and watch out for that tongue.



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Finally! Heroes will be back on tonight. Can’t wait. We will see what the new “hero” has to offer and what the heck happened to Skyler!


1080i or 1080p (who cares!)

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bigscreen.jpgI just installed a HDTV for my dad and after getting it all hooked up he looks at the crappy SD resolution (480i) and says “Why do I need HD? This is good enough.”

I have a tech friend of my talking about how he just has to have the 1080p instead of what I have currently 1080i. What is the difference you say? Not much other than one is interlaced and the other isn’t. I have been looking at Interlaced PC Monitors for years and can’t tell the difference so who cares!

On the other hand I just saw that some manufacturer is already going for a 2160p screen called Quad HD. Who needs it? So far just specific industries. When will it end?

Oh wait I just have to order that 4320p HHHHDTV. I can upload my 16 megapixel camera images on my 1TB Sandisk MiniSD Card. Gimme a break!